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111 Series


 111 Series Printer Chip  111 Series Printer Chip
PCB board color:green
Code identification:See "Marking Content" for details.
Code location:as the picture shows

111 Series Printer Chip

Product performance characteristics:

111 Series Printer Chip

This series of chips is a one-time chip with serial number version, different chip only stores different serial number. There are several points to be noted during use as following:

● The serial number is unique, and a serial number is stored in one chip;

● Our company has set up multiple serial numbers for different models, and will continue to introduce new serial numbers in the future;

Note: The original factory may carry out irregular firmware upgrades, which will cause adverse effects on the existing non-original models. It is not a problem for our chip that the current status of the chip cannot be recognized by the serial number.

Chip is a product that demands high static protection. During transportation, storage, inspection and assembly, it needs:

● Pay attention to static protection throughout the whole process

●Storage temperature is 0 °C-60 °C

●Storage humidity is 50%-70%

● Avoid acid, alkali chemical powder and solvent pollution

● Avoid direct ultraviolet radiation

● Avoid external pressure backlog

● Avoid high temperature,especially burning and baking

5.3.2 Due to the risk of small probability of wire breakage in the wafer during transportation, storage, inspection and assembly, it is necessary to pay attention to the anti-seismic measures throughout the process.

Installation instructions:

1.New compatible installation guide for compatible toner cartridges;

2.Take the contiguous chips and cut the contiguous chips with the micro-cuting along the dotted line to get the single chips as belowing:

111 Series Printer Chip

3.The installation process is as follows:

111 Series Printer Chip

Note: Due to the inconsistency of the rubber parts of various manufacturers, some manufacturers need to attach 3M double-sided adhesive to fix them. If necessary, they can be marked with rubber information.