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Advantages of 4k Seabird Motion Camera

Mar. 11, 2020

like outdoor shooting. When it comes to outdoor shooting, in addition to the super-powerful Huawei P30, what else is needed? For cool friends, that's of course an action camera. However, after buying the Huawei P30, it has been bleeding a lot. It seems that GoPro can't think about it anymore. The price has limited the imagination.

Although GoPro can't afford it, there must be a sports camera. After many comparisons, I finally started a very cost-effective product sold by Xiaomi Youpin, which is the seabird action camera. There are a lot of true 4K + image stabilization, which is also a good choice for camera friends who like outdoor shooting. Let's take a look at the actual performance of this seabird 4K action camera together today.

From the packaging point of view, the seabird action camera adopts a simple style design as a whole, and the accessories are still very rich. This time the seabird sports camera is a diving suit, camera host, waterproof case, buoyancy stick and so on.

The white version of the seabird camera doesn't say how good it looks. Of course, in addition to white, seabird action cameras are also available in orange, green and sea blue. The camera body is made of plastic. Many people know that compared to metal materials, plastic materials are much better in terms of shock resistance and drop resistance. At the same time, the camera lens also comes with a dust cover. Designed for a multi-function button, in addition to the regular switch, you can also perform mode switching, return and other operations.

In addition, this camera has a total of two key designs, and the other is the shutter button, which can take photos, shoot, stop, and return. The front is equipped with a 2.0-inch touch screen, more operations can be done by touch. If these exercises are not convenient enough for you. You can also use the WIFI connection method, and directly use the seabird APP to control (Android + Apple), a variety of operation methods can be fun to play.

The left side of the seabird motion camera body is designed for TF card slot +USB charging port. The maximum TF card can support 128G storage space, which is enough for ordinary users to use for outdoor shooting.The bottom is designed for battery storage, which is easy to disassemble.Designed with a 1050mAh battery, the battery lasts roughly an hour and a half to record 4K/30 frames of video, which even compares well with the expensive GoPro. Transparent waterproof clothing, crystal clear.After loading the camera, the two key parts and the closed mouth fit perfectly, so the waterproof effect is natural.

Seabird Camera

Seabird Camera

According to the cheap Sports camera manufacturer, the most important thing about a Sports camera is its performance. In terms of configuration, the seabird motion camera is equipped with a hayes Hi3559 professional photography level chip, 12 megapixel SONY sensor, a large aperture of 2.6 and 145 degrees of wide-angle field of view shooting, support for 6-axis gyroscope anti-vibration, WiFi + bluetooth connection.

In the shooting Settings, it supports four shooting modes: ordinary shooting, continuous shooting, timing and delay. Not only that, shooting can be white balance, IOS and exposure compensation automatic adjustment.Electronic stabilization, distortion correction, image flipping, etc. Can be easily set.Another advantage of the seabird motion camera is that, based on its excellent image processing algorithm, the picture is clear even in low-light environment, while it can keep the picture full of color under bright light.

Buyers of motion cameras prefer to take wide-angle photos and videos from a variety of angles, so here's how the seabird actually works.

After the distortion correction is started, the wide-angle picture in normal mode is still very full in color, and the sky, green plants and branches are very clear.

In addition to taking photos, in video shooting, seabird motion camera also supports a variety of ways to play, time-lapse photography, time-lapse photography, slow motion, cycle photography and so on are also supported, for the love of a variety of shooting machine friends, you can try a variety of ways to play. Vlog has become the mainstream, seabird motion camera maximum support 4K/30 frames video recording, card point vlog waiting for you to experience.Of course, for 4K shooting, the choice of TF card is also important, which needs to be noted.

In general, the seabird motion camera is very good for both taking and shooting photos, as well as its performance and playability. GoPro can shoot large video films, while the seabird motion camera can also shoot.And on the price performance, its price of 399 yuan or very cost-effective a product.It is also a good choice for those who like shooting outdoors.