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Analysis of Several Problems of Sudden Chip Drop

Aug. 05, 2019

The number of chip sheets is in conflict with powder box and carbon powder, including whether the motherboard of the machine is in conflict with the serial number of the chip, and the state of the machine at the time of installation has a certain correlation. For example, in the case of standard printing 2500 sheets to print 5% test sheets, printing one sheet will show a print, and printing one sheet will show a print if printing a completely black test sheet, but printing one sheet will show a print. Print 20 sheets, so the real number of printed sheets is calculated by the flow of carbon powder, not the number of printed sheets.

In one test, Toner Low appears when dozens of sheets are printed, Toner Cart Error appears when more than 100 sheets are typed, the printer stops printing, the printer reboots, Install Toner Cart appears when the machine is shut down, the printer can not print, at this time, the powder box is still left. Many carbon powders are produced under the condition that the quality of carbon powders (particle size) is different from that of the original plant. The coarse flow rate of carbon powders is too slow and the filling time is too long. On the contrary, if the fine flow rate of carbon powders is too fast, the carbon powders in the powder box will be used up long before Toner Low or when Toner Low just appears. This is not a chip problem at all. It is the problem of carbon powder. Powder cartridge will affect the flow rate, and the quality formula of carbon powder will also affect the flow rate. The chip is to determine the number of sheets by calculating the flow rate. All three factors have an impact. If it is tested in a factory, it should be tested in a single non-OEM environment, and decide the problem of powder cartridge, chip and carbon powder, and then decide which aspect to solve!

Another problem is that the memory information of the machine motherboard conflicts with the serial number of the chip, because the serial number of compatible chips is a limited number of groups or dozens of groups of repetitive, sometimes the machine will remember a used serial number. When a new chip is installed, although it is a new chip, but when the machine When communicating with the new chip, I suddenly found that the serial number of the chip of the machine is the same as that of the memory used by the machine on the main board. The machine misjudges that the life of the chip is the old chip that was used up before.

So, after printing a few sheets, it will automatically report powder shortage, which means that the new chip has been automatically burned out! This is also a practical problem in the industry, which is more difficult to overcome. The only way is to clear the old information of the machine's main board and clear the serial number information of the chips that the original memory of the main board. One way is to let the machine not install the selenium drum, turn on the power supply, let the machine idle once, and install the chips again. But sometimes this method is not ideal! Another method is to install an original chip on the original machine, let the machine print several or more pieces, let the machine remember the information of the original chip, and then install compatible chips! This effect is more effective, but it is really more troublesome for customers, sometimes looking for an original chip also requires a certain cost! Of course, you can also choose another compatible chip locally to clean up memory, as long as the serial number between two compatible chip manufacturers is the same, you can! This can also achieve the effect of replacing the original chip!

The third method is that if a batch of chips occurs on the same machine of the same customer, it does not rule out whether there is a problem with the client's machine. Therefore, it is suggested that in this batch of chips, the chips that have not been used should be tested on another machine of another customer to see if the result is the same as that of the first customer. If not, it proves that the whole batch of chips will not be a problem! It's a problem in some part of the machine! If it is the same, there may be problems with the whole batch of software or hardware. Look for the manufacturer to replace in time!

If all the above problems and methods can not solve the problem, we need to let customers print a machine status industry, also known as test page, there are professional engineers to analyze whether there are other reasons for the machine!

It is worth noting that if the customer installs three chips on the same machine continuously, all of the above results are the same, print a few can not be used, we must stop and continue to install, or else install hundreds of chips, may be the same, need to find the reason first! In general, the current chip failure rate is not higher than 10%, if installed 10 pieces, there are more than 5 pieces, are very abnormal! There is an urgent need to tell professionals to use exclusion method to analyze, do not continue to install, otherwise, the installation of the original no problem chip has been burned!

Analysis of Several Problems of Sudden Chip Drop