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Benefits of Handheld Inkjet Printers to Various Industries

May. 16, 2020

1. Product identification

There are many products in the electronics industry that require internal and external identification. The clear and stable product specifications and assembly or storage time can be quickly printed by inkjet printers. The products can be quickly identified, and the wear resistance of the logo can ensure transportation and handling storage.

2. Laws and regulations

Generally, the industry and laws and regulations require manufacturers to indicate the origin, specifications, manufacturer, and other product information on the product packaging or carton. The use of handheld inkjet printers can meet these regulations and protect customers in the market Business practices in sales and product export meet these standards.

3. Logistics needs

Printing barcodes on product packaging can speed up the classification and circulation of products, make the management between production lines and warehouses more reasonable and scientific, and strengthen the monitoring of raw material consumption and the effective management of inventory.

Portable Handheld Printer

Portable Handheld Printer

4. Product added value

For users, a clear and accurate logo is a standard method of brand recognition, and it is also a sign of confidence for long-term use. For manufacturers, the use of coding technology can improve the brand ’s market image and unified logo management, and establish a good identification. Beautification of image and product appearance.

Portable handheld printers often encounter users questioning their application areas in practical applications. In the process of understanding portable handheld inkjet printers, they often occur. Some cannot complete the printing task, while others The handheld inkjet printer can be easily solved. Here, China portable sticker printer manufacturer shares the necessary conditions for the application of the portable handheld inkjet printer in the heavy industry.

We know that portable inkjet printers are also called handheld inkjet printers, Its main working method is known for its lightness and simple operation. Its application areas are mainly concentrated in large equipment, special parts, frequent information changes, and many logo positions. Change, it is impossible or difficult to achieve large-scale, pipelined conditions, such as heavy industry enterprises, on-site construction teams, logistics distribution centers, and other places. In the heavy industry, the position of printing needs to be special. There are not enough printing conditions for handheld inkjet printers, so portable handheld inkjet printers cannot be used. In addition, the materials on the surface of products in the heavy industry are different, and the types of inks used in handheld inkjet printers are also different.