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Printer consumable protection core: chip

Sep. 07, 2019

Printer consumable protection core: chip, shared the Printer Chip supplier.

The original printing supplies did not have a chip or chip count function. So when HP laser printers first came to China, newspapers and magazines published tips (before the Internet) on how to fill HP consumables with toner, because the life of HP consumables drum is much longer than that of the filling toner, which can be filled about three times.

Consumable chips become a means for enterprises to identify the authenticity of consumables, using third-party warranty loss.

By 1998, cheap Printer Chip for sale began to appear on printer consumables, with chips used to force consumables to be scrapped. At that time, there was no good way, and this move is very controversial, is it possible for auto companies to designate energy suppliers? Shut down the engine without using some company's oil? Printing companies do this indeed. Although it is not excluded now, there are still clauses that users will lose the warranty if they use third-party consumables within the warranty period.

Eu WEEE requirements make printing equipment companies much more tolerant of consumable recycling.

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Currently, 3R is advocated globally, so printing enterprises are relatively restrained, which is an improvement. The key point is that the eu forces enterprises to comply with WEEE, namely Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). As a result, printing Equipment sold in the eu is much more tolerant of consumables than those sold in China.

Cracked one-time Printer chip are cheap, costing anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars each, and require supercomputers.

The way is high, the devil is high, China's enterprises for cracking the chip is a skill, even at the time to rent a supercomputer to run crack, now is still selling printing equipment, as long as it is not too new, have a crack chip to India, a few cents to a few pieces.

Laser printing relies on toner heating and sublimation to fix text or images on paper fibers, so preventing third-party companies from using the same formula as their own toner could solve many problems. In fact, there are a lot of tricks about toner, which is a means to resist the third-party consumables from the advanced level of technology.