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Convenient And Beautiful Seabird Sticker Printer (Part 1)

Feb. 24, 2020

Portable handheld printer manufacturer to share with you: In today's fast-paced world, everything is fast and efficient. For example, if we need to travel a short time when we need something, we want to leave a post-it note for the family. It is very inconvenient to write on the post-it note and then paste it on the door. For technology control, these are too OUT. The new sea bird sticker printer launched by the sea bird brand is also Our domestic brands have done a good job. Their main business covers the fields of intelligent imaging equipment, handheld stabilization gimbals, printing consumable chips, and handheld inkjet printers. The Seabird sports camera launched before has also gained public recognition. The Seabird self-adhesive printer introduced this time has been sought after by the public.

Product unpacking

As a small and portable Bluetooth sticker printer, the packaging of the seabird sticker printer is quite exquisite. The pink and blue color scheme is very good. The front of the box mainly displays the product model and product brand. Marking, etc., the back is mainly related to product parameters and related information, etc., is relatively comprehensive.

After opening the packaging box, you can see the true appearance of the product. The product is still very safe in the packaging box. Of course, the packaging is also in place to ensure the absolute safety of the product during transportation.

packing list:

Seabird sticker printer, charging cable, instruction manual, label sticker box.

Second, appearance details

From the appearance of the portable sticker printer, the Portable Sticker Printer is very good and very compact. It uses a square design and rounded corners on the four sides to make the overall look more sophisticated and stylish. The matte technology is used, and the feel is very good. The overall size is 103 * 83 * 33mm, and the weight is 230g. It is like the weight of an iPhone. Such a small and lightweight design can be easily put in your pocket. Of course, it is more convenient to carry.

The paper outlet of the seabird self-adhesive printer is designed at the top. One side is a manual cutter pusher and the other is a paper exit. It uses a manual cutter. Push the paper cutter and push the head to cut off the sticker, which is very convenient and saves the trouble of tearing paper.

Seabird Sticker Printer

Seabird Sticker Printer

The power button and power indicator are designed on the other side. Press and hold the switch to turn on the machine. When there is no printing operation for 10 minutes, the machine will automatically shut down, which saves power.

Built-in 300mAh lithium battery, standby time is about 2 months, and TYPE-C charging interface is used on the power interface, which makes charging more convenient and efficient.

The back cover is also a matte process, and a small window is reserved under the back cover to view the remaining amount of label stickers. At the same time, the back cover is detachable, making it easier to load the label sticker box.

The label sticker box is a box-type design, which is a thermal self-adhesive technology, free of carbon ribbon, free of ribbon, and free of ink, which saves money and effort.

When using for the first time, you need to expose the label paper in the front section of the label sticker cassette, then put the label paper into the corresponding card slot, and press it to load it. Finally, you can use your finger to turn the front section of the label tape to the cutting edge and use it.