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Convenient and beautiful seabird sticker printer (Part 2)

Feb. 27, 2020

Portable handheld printer manufacturer to share with you: As a smart product, you also need to connect with your mobile phone in use, and you also need to use the "Seabird Sticker Printer" APP, currently This APP supports Apple and Android phones, which can be downloaded from the instruction manual or from the major application stores.

After the download is complete, you need to connect with Bluetooth first. This is very convenient. After the connection is complete, you can enter the APP's homepage. From the homepage, it is relatively simple, and the classification is very clear. It is simple to use and there is no complicated operation.

Seabird Sticker Printer

 Seabird Sticker Printer

There are three categories to choose from in the “Seabird Sticker Printer” APP, which are video reproduction, label templates, printing history, etc. At the same time, the APP also provides multiple versions of label templates for use, which meets our daily Needed.

It is very convenient to print because there are a large number of materials available in the APP itself. Of course, you can also choose the content you want to print. The printing step is to select the template, then select the edit content, and then select print. The seabird sticker printer will automatically print your selection.

Note: The printed labels are self-adhesive labels, which are waterproof, oil-proof, sun-proof, and tear-resistant, which is very good.

The speed from printing to paper output is very fast, and there is no jamming, and the sound is relatively light, and it can be used after cutting off the paper.

Seabird self-adhesive printers do not require ink, and use thermal printing technology and high-resolution printing. The printed handwriting is very clear, fast-drying, and has no pungent taste. After tearing off, you can paste it everywhere.

The most worth mentioning is that the seabird sticker printer can also express more intentions through the cloud transcoding function, that is, through simple operations, you can convert videos, voices, and pictures into a printable two-dimensional code, turning you If you can't say anything, let Seabird printer pass it to your lover, family and colleagues.

Turn on the scan function on WeChat, and then scan the printed QR code label sticker, and the video, voice, and picture set before can appear.

In our daily life, seabird sticker printers can also print labels in life through APP, such as clothing finishing labels, kitchen storage labels, beauty storage, medicine storage, personal product marking, garbage classification marking, learning labels Marks, file management categories, clothing tags, etc. can be printed and pasted by seabird stickers, saving time and worry.

Product summary

In general, the portable sticker printer is still very good. First of all, from the appearance, it is very small and very portable. Secondly, from the perspective of function, it is very powerful. It can be operated through APP without ink. Can print a large amount of materials, and the printed label stickers have waterproof function, wherever you want to paste it, and finally, from a practical point of view, the life label printing of seabird stickers is very good, you can print clothing finishing labels , Kitchen storage labels, beauty storage, medicine storage, personal product markings, etc., make home storage more organized and more convenient.