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How Is The Experience Of Using Seabird Action Cameras?

Feb. 08, 2020

Cheap sports camera supplier introduces you:

Functional experience:

After the appearance is introduced, the functional aspects are also of concern to users. What can such a small camera take? Although the seabird camera only has two keys, it supports touch screen control. The Seabird camera is equipped with a 2.0-inch IPS high-definition touch screen, which is sensitive to touch and the icon display is very fresh.

Seabird 4K is still thoughtful in many aspects. First of all, as a touch screen, in order to prevent accidental touch, it also has a slide unlock function. The screen interface settings are also very simple, providing four major modules for taking pictures, shooting, setting, and pictures. The operation is simple and straightforward.

Camera options support parameters such as white balance, ISO, exposure compensation, sharpness, saturation, brightness, etc., bringing more professional camera requirements to users. Users can also set normal, continuous, or timer photos as needed.

Seabird Camera

Seabird Camera

APP experience:

In addition to hardware control, Seabird 4K also uses APP control. Users need to download software in the manual and click "Take me to travel" to connect the camera via wifi. The entire APP interface is also very refreshing. A summer sports breeze is coming. Xiaobian found that in addition to the camera function, the entire APP also has an album. Users can download pictures through the album, so there is no need to use a card reader to copy the pictures.

After the connection is successful, the mobile phone enters this interface. The mobile phone interface can realize remote photography. In addition, it also displays a lot of camera parameter information, including system settings, power, format, camera parameters, memory card status, and camera settings.

Many functions on the APP are the same as those on the seabird camera, but they are more comprehensive in operation and the parameters are set similar to the professional camera mode. Among them, time-lapse shooting can also make taking pictures more fun. In addition, there are eight shooting modes, such as slow-motion and time-lapse photography lights, to meet users' various shooting needs.

Use experience:

You can see that the shooting screen is still very clear, but the screen display is a bit distorted. This is because the deformity correction is not turned on. It should be noted that the deformity correction and electronic image stabilization cannot be turned on at the same time. The screen display is normal after deformity correction is turned on.

Slow motion shooting:

Slow-motion shooting is still very interesting. With the wide-angle lens, the rhythm of the entire city slows down in slow-motion pictures. If conditions permit, users can also shoot surfing pictures, and high-speed pictures can be recorded in slow-motion.

Slow and fast, of course, the time-lapse shooting is a good record of the busy city scene, the continuous flow of traffic can be well reflected, at the same time for sunrise and sunset can also use time-lapse shooting to record the sun's dynamics, but it takes long Waiting for time to shoot.

Of course, you need to experience diving photography. Unfortunately, you do n’t have the opportunity to experience diving photography. Let ’s take a picture of the pond. It is embarrassing that the level of the pond is quite turbid, and the visibility is less than 1 meter, but it is worthy of recognition in terms of waterproofness.

to sum up

Nowadays, the camera has become a good tool for many people to take pictures. Although mobile phone shooting is also very powerful, the mobile phone has shortcomings in diving. The Seabird 4K action camera can be said to be a sports camera for young people. With its rich appearance and rich functions, its playability is far more than that of mobile phone photography, especially its diving function, which makes shooting more playful.