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Features of portable handheld printers

Oct. 10, 2019

In real life, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets allow us to work and relax anywhere, anytime. It seems that we have entered a world of “mobilization”. In order to facilitate the work, the printer is made very small, to what extent, the best natural is the so-called pocket. A typical printer, whether it is a toner cartridge or an ink cartridge, certainly cannot be so convenient. If you want to be portable, you must do a good job in the way you print. Portable handheld printer is such a mechanical device that is easy to carry and that is of great help to people's work.

Features of portable handheld printers

T1000 Handheld Inkjet Printer

In order to meet the printing needs in outdoor office and travel, print documents, documents and other materials. Major manufacturers have invented portable handheld printers that they can carry with them. So what are the characteristics of a convenient printer? Today we will talk about "portable printing".

First, the primary feature of a convenient handheld printer is portability. The traffic police and the court on-site law enforcement must carry law enforcement equipment such as law enforcement instruments and hand-held identity authentication devices; office workers should also bring commonly used notebook computers and digital cameras on business trips, and special instruments must carry instruments and meters. Portable printers should be light enough to carry around in a backpack or suitcase without burden.

Secondly, the portable handheld printer has a simple structure and a certain degree of strength and impact resistance. A slight bump, drop, and frequent movement will not affect the printing function. At these two points, laser or inkjet printers are not suitable - laser-printed toner cartridges determine that the body can not be made too small, inkjet print heads are precision parts, as well as ink cartridges, you need to avoid bump.

Once again,it should be easy to connect, use mobile phones to print or connect with recorders and other instruments, and it should be convenient and fast. The current technology implementation, wireless direct connection, Bluetooth is an ideal solution.

Finally, it is more durable. Like a mobile phone, you can print enough pages at a time, that is, the battery capacity is large enough, and the power consumption control is better. In the case of frequent use, the life is long enough, and it will not be used in three or five months. Have it repaired or replaced.

As a portable handheld printer manufacturer, our company has introduced new portable handheld printers and handheld inkjet printers. The main features of portable handheld printer is noise-free, light and small in structure, and clear printing. The disadvantage is that the speed is slow and the writing is poor. It is more common in courier and tap water meter readers, and it is easy to carry, and the cost of printing is relatively easy to control. The main cost of this kind of printer is on thermal paper, it is not as cheap as ordinary white paper, and the different sizes have strict requirements, and the thickness and width are limited, instead of the simple format like ordinary printing paper. size. The handheld inkjet printer is the most widely used printer. The basic principle is a charged inkjet mist point that forms the desired glyph directly on the paper. The advantage is that the dots forming the characters and images are much smaller than the dot matrix printer, so the resolution of the character dots is high, and the printing quality is high and clear. Flexible and easy to change character size and font.

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