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Handheld printer industry use status

Sep. 23, 2019

In today's social work and life, the application of printers has become very common. Whether it is a company or a school, the use of printers, from commercial contracts to text notes, is inevitable. But until now, most of the printers that have been used are still fixed in size and large in size. In the past few years, the new Polaroid has also been able to print "hands-on", but only for printing photos.

The handheld printers introduced by our company are both square and square in size and light in weight. Places that can be printed include paper, fabric, plastic, and even a variety of less smooth areas.

Handheld printer

T1000 Handheld Printer

The earliest handheld printing was invented by an engineer in Stockholm, Sweden, for handheld inkjet printer. Handheld printers work differently than regular large-head printers. They operate more like a computer mouse. They are equipped with this laser sensor to determine the position with the movement of the printer. The time when a handheld printer prints a page is only 10 seconds. People want to print something that can be connected to mobile devices such as mobile phones or laptops via Bluetooth. This must be destined for us to imagine in the future of people's lives. Office workers who need to travel frequently or go out to work can be equipped with a handheld printer to record and print the materials they need at any time, without having to go to the print shop.

At present, the application of portable handheld printers in China has become increasingly widespread. The application is the first to be printed in industrial and medical instruments and instruments. The demand for handheld printers in this industry is large, but the average profit margin has dropped to a very low level.

Secondly, the use of earlier, more and more mature should be the traditional cash register, POS industry. The industry's demand for cash register printers has increased dramatically in recent years. According to statistics, the annual output of domestic cash registers is about 80,000 units, but the number of three types of POS machines, especially assembly machines, is difficult to count, but the demand should exceed the cash registers. With the acceleration of the national tax control project progress, and the national standard for tax-controlled cash registers is expected to be introduced at the end of this year, the promotion of local tax-controlled cash registers has been put on the agenda. Many local manufacturers have already made their own tax-controlled cash registers. More manufacturers are also watching. The market for portable handheld printers is huge.

With the development of information technology. Banks and other financial institutions have launched a revolution based on information technology business model to compensate for the lack of time and space in counter services, thus enabling ATMs, bank self-service terminals, queuing systems, financial POS machines, etc. Demand for printer-related information devices is growing, and portable handheld printers will also be found throughout people's daily lives.

In the past two years, the information inquiry terminal and the urban multimedia intelligent information terminal combined with the Internet have also played the role of printing related information in such devices. Self-service payment machines and self-service vending machines are also appearing more and more in the streets and lanes. Others such as lottery machines, handheld mobile trading terminals, weighing instrument printing, railway and postal label printing, bar code printing, etc. are all inseparable from micro-printers usage.

We are a manufacturer of portable handheld printers. Our products are independently innovated and patented by many invention patents. Our products are sold overseas and are very popular among users. For more product information, please visit our product page. We welcome friends from all over the world to come and consult.