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Do You Really Know About Handheld Printers

Dec. 25, 2019

I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar with the printer. It can be said that we often use it in daily life, especially the office family, which is an essential product for printers. However, according to the daily use, different printers will have different uses, such as our common text printing, ID printing, picture printing, etc., but this printer product I share with you today does not belong to these common The printer comes from the portable handheld printer manufacturer. It is also very convenient to use and the use is very novel. Please take a look with me.

 Portable Handheld Printer

 Portable Handheld Printer

First of all, this product is very small in appearance. It uses sturdy and lightweight materials. It can be said that we can use it very easily with one hand. The advantage of the compact product is that it can realize 360-degree inkjet printing, which is not restricted by any time and place, and is relatively convenient to use.

The functions of handheld printers are actually quite different from those of printers that we use every day. They are quite different in function. Handheld printers can achieve some novel custom printing. Brand logo print.

Below the portable printer is a display screen. Below the display screen is a classic nostalgic keypad. We can use the keyboard to perform some simple text input. You can switch between English, Pinyin, Wubi, and numbers. We can directly observe the design through the screen. For us, the setting is still more user-friendly, but when I first got it, I still explored a little.

Since it is a compact handheld printer, its nozzle can be closer to the object we want to print, so its printing accuracy will be higher, and we can easily print completely.

Since it is printing, the product's ink cartridge is definitely very important. After all, this is the most critical existence of the printing effect. The handheld printer uses packaging bags, cosmetics, daily necessities, wood board, plastic, metal that can be used in our daily use , Glass, leather, paper strips and other materials, it can be said that as long as we can see, it can be printed.

The ink cartridge of the handheld printer is a plug-and-play method. After installation, we do not need to remove it, and we have a special cover to protect the print head, which makes it more convenient for us to use. At the same time, Bisheng handheld printers also have different choices in the choice of ink cartridges, such as black quick-drying ink cartridges, red quick-drying ink cartridges, blue quick-drying ink cartridges, etc. Let us choose the ink cartridges according to our different needs to meet our needs. Many usage scenarios.

I also learned that Bi Sheng handheld printer also has the function of intelligent automatic identification of ink cartridges. When we insert the ink cartridge into the printer, it will automatically detect different inks and automatically adjust its parameters to ensure the printing effect. At the same time, it also has a good guarantee in performance. It adopts a new-performance processing system. It only takes 3 seconds to start up, which reduces the waiting process when we use it. It can be said that we can hit any time we want.

The application range of the portable handheld printer can be said to be very wide. We can apply it to our daily portfolio, and also print on cardboard, plastic bags, packaging boxes and other items. For some manufacturers, they need to print their own logo on their product packaging, and using a handheld printer can be said to be completely customized for them to meet their needs.

Battery life may be the most important thing for all users to buy electronic products. After all, if the battery life of a product is not working, it will have no function. The handheld printer has a built-in large-capacity battery. The official claims that the printer can work for 17 hours and the standby time can be up to 30 days when fully charged. This battery life is indeed very good in my opinion and can meet many requirements. Use of non-professional or professional staff.

I still like the handheld printer during the experience. It can help us to achieve some personal customization, such as labeling the product, such as your own name and network nickname. For some professional staff, it The usage method is also very simple. The printing of the logo and the printing of the brand can be satisfied. Our company provides portable handheld printer for sale. If you have any needs for our products, please feel free to contact us.