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How To Select a Good Handheld Printer?

Nov. 21, 2019

Our company is a professional Handheld printer supplier in our country. Because our products are of good quality and excellent price, they have won unanimous praise from people inside and outside the industry. Handheld printer and portable Handheld printer are our hot sale products. At present, as an credit manufacturer,  i want to introduce you something about the printer.

 How To Select a Good Handheld Printer?cid=3

However, when we select portable Handheld printer what should we do ?

The first concern is the portability of the portable printer. Since it is portable, of course, it is related to its weight and volume. Generally speaking, portable printers weighing less than 2.5kg are acceptable. However, because its size is small enough to be carried around, it can usually only print 4*6 inches.

In addition, the operability of portable printers should be considered. When purchasing a portable printer, it is required to be able to print independently from the computer. Whether its key layout or LCD screen is convenient to operate and whether its editing options are comprehensive and flexible has become the key factor for the operability of this portable printer.

Third, there is also a more important factor that is the problem of power supply. If you do not want to play with it and suddenly the printer runs out of power, you have to consider buying a special battery when purchasing, which requires careful consultation and understanding. Portable printers usually use lithium battery because it is convenient to charge and has relatively stable performance. Friends who often need outdoor use need to compare the battery life of various brands of portable printers when purchasing printers.

Finally, we have to consider the interface problem. In other words, in addition to the traditional USB, storage card slot and other interfaces, portable printers with wireless Bluetooth technology and other functions can meet our portable requirements.


Handheld printer is designed with thermal foaming nozzle, can be printed on wood board, box, stone, MDF, stainless steel, pipe, metal, plastic, aluminum foil, cable, etc. The spray printing content includes English, Chinese, numbers, symbols, two-dimensional codes, bar codes, pictures, time and date. In addition, the Handheld Ink jet printer can also directly insert the USB disk to import information.It is mainly used for printing bills in outdoor and non-fixed workplaces.  At present, there are widely used printing technologies in the fields of printing law enforcement documents on the spot by government departments, printing delivery forms for logistics distribution, printing vehicle damage forms on the spot for vehicle insurance damage determination, needle-type characteristics: very small in size, only the size of an adult's palm, and capable of being held by hand or being worn around the waist with strong adaptability to the environment.