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It's Not That You Can't Take Pictures. It's Because You Didn't Choose a Seabird Sports 4k Camera

Jan. 20, 2020

Cheap mini sports camera manufacturer to share with you: Speaking of sports cameras, many people think it is often used by extreme sports enthusiasts, and the price should be prohibitive, but today this seabird 4K The price of the action camera is cheap. I don't know how the effect will go.

The seabird 4K action camera received by Xiaobian is a three-piece suit, which is a 4K action camera and a diving suit, which means that the seabird 4K supports diving shooting. It is exciting to think about it. After all, swimming in the pool is a good time to check in. local.

The outer packaging will not go into details, just open it. The Seabird 4K sneaker camera has three color schemes. The author got a pink one, which is very small and fresh.

The overall size is only 60.5 * 42.2 * 29.7mm, the weight is 60g, and the shape is quite compact. In the upper right corner of the camera is a 145°wide-angle lens that supports a large aperture of F2.6. The lens uses 7 high-definition optical glass + blue glass filters, and is equipped with a Hisilicon HI3559 chip and a 12-megapixel Sony sensor. The lens configured in this way is also equipped with a lens sleeve, which should be kept well, and can be covered when not in use, so as not to wear the lens.

As a sports camera Seabird 4K does not have too many settings on the function buttons. The whole machine only has two buttons, one is the front power / function button, and the other is the shutter button on the top.

Moreover, there is a bracket screw interface on the bottom of the camera, which can also be connected to the selfie stick. This interface is a standard 1/4 screw port. Unfortunately, the accessory is not equipped with a selfie stick. Xiaobian can only take a tripod with a stabilizer. , It is full of matching.

Many people will worry about the battery life of such a small camera. The Seabird 4K sports camera is equipped with a 1050mAh lithium battery. Its large capacity supports 90 minutes of 4K video shooting, and 1080P shooting can reach 150 minutes; you must know one The battery capacity of SLR cameras is only about 1000mAh, so the capacity is really full.

The side of the camera is a memory card slot micro USB data interface. Seabird cameras support a maximum of 2T storage space. It should be noted that because Seabird 4K cameras support 4K shooting, it is best to choose a U3 or above TF card, otherwise it will Stuck.

In addition, the camera also has a sound hole for a row of speakers, which is really complete.

Seabird Camera

Seabird Camera

The seabird camera also supports diving shooting, but it does not mean that the camera can dive, but it is equipped with a diving suit. The game is a good sport in the summer. If you are too worried about not being able to take a picture of playing in the water Well, everything can be done with it.

The waterproof case is made of transparent material. It is said that it is a PC material imported from South Korea. The light transmission rate is 95%. It is very transparent. !! The waterproof case is tailor-made for seabird cameras, with buttons and shutter keys corresponding.

The installation process is still very simple, that is, it needs to be firmly clamped when snapping, but the back cover is still very tight. Officially announced that the diving kit supports IP67 level protection and can reach 20m deep waterproof.

In addition, in order to prevent the embarrassing situation of losing the camera by sliding the hand, the kit is also equipped with a floating rod. First viewed from the outside, the floating rod is bright orange, which is easy to find if dropped in water. The length of the handle is 152mm, which is made of foam plastic. There is a quick-release base on the top. The handle and the waterproof cover are fixed by a simple screw technology. Of course, it also supports the adjustment of the vertical angle.