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Label Printer Failure and Solution

Oct. 31, 2019

Label printer is widely used now. Do you know the solution when the printer doesn't work?

1. Turn the label printer back on.

Turn off the printer, wait a little while, then turn the printer back on, which not only clears the printer's memory, but also solves many printing problems.

2. Check if the label printer is online.

In "Control Panel", "Printers and Faxes", select the printer, then right-click "Properties" to check if the printer is online, otherwise it will not be able to print.

Third, set the printer as the default printer. Proceed as follows:

3. Click the Windows Start menu, point to Control Panel, double-click Printers and Faxes, right-click the printer icon you want to set, and the shortcut menu pops up, click Set as Default.

4. Cancel the pause to print.

To do this, in the Printers and Faxes window, right-click the printer icon you are using, and then click to clear the checkmark √ before the Pause Printing option.

Label Printer

Label Printer

5. Make the available space on the hard disk no less than 50MB.

If the available hard disk space is less than 10MB, you must free up more space system to complete the print job. In this case, click the "Disk Cleanup" button, then in the "Files to delete" list box, select the file type you want to delete and click the "OK" button.

6. Please check if the print port settings are normal. Proceed as follows:

Right-click the printer icon, click "Properties", on the "Details" tab, in the "Print to the following port" box, make sure the printer is set to the appropriate port. The most common ports are set to LPT1 and USB ports.

7. the printer driver is installed correctly

Sometimes the printer driver may be damaged or the wrong driver is installed, which may result in incorrect printing.

Delete the icon that cannot be printed

Install the user manual to reinstall the relevant printer driver.

8. Check if the printer is connected properly

If the label print cable is plugged in, make sure that both ends of the cable connecting the computer to the printer are plugged in. If you are using a print switching device, bypass the switching device, connect the printer directly to your computer, and try to print.

Test port connection Connect the printer to another available port, retry printing the document, and if it can print, the original port is damaged.

Test the printer cable and replace it with another printer cable, then retry printing the document. If it prints, the original cable is damaged.

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