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The Method of Using Handheld Inkjet Printer in the Heat

May. 09, 2020

When the summer heat comes, the temperature rises and thunderstorms become more frequent. Therefore, in this season, the users need to pay more attention to the use and maintenance of handheld inkjet printers in order to prepare for the corresponding precautions. So, how to use a hand-held inkjet printer to achieve its effect. Let's talk about the secret of using a handheld inkjet printer in summer.

1. The question of consumables in the process of using handheld inkjet printers and the excessive use of solvents. This is because if the temperature is too high in summer and the solvent evaporates too fast, the use of solvents will increase greatly. The solution is to close the application. Nozzle cover, some connection, and some added seals on the nozzle cover, just like to ensure the sealing function of the nozzle. Promptly ventilate and ventilate to avoid undesirable results from gas accumulation. Secondly, some devices that check the viscosity of handheld inkjet printers also require ventilation, just like reducing the ventilation holes without affecting the application. After use, the ventilation holes on the ink tank can be sealed and the lid tightly closed to reduce evaporation.

2. During the summer, printers generally show some situations. Common questions include handheld inkjet printer accessories, high-voltage problems, that is, high-voltage leakage appearance. The reason for this appearance is that if the air is wet, the temperature of the high-pressure metal sheet and the nozzle recovery pipe is low, and the water vapor in the air condenses on the cooled metal sheet and the recovery pipe, forming more water beads, which causes leakage. The root cause, the solution: place the handheld inkjet printer as dry as possible and the temperature should not be too high. For food handheld inkjet printers, if the temperature is too high, it is recommended to drop a small amount of insulating glue in the cooling direction (must be under the premise of not affecting the use) Perhaps a few insulating grease errands.

3. In the summer, when using the handheld inkjet printer, it will appear more or less blocked. After the application is completed, the nozzles are cleaned and retracted as much as possible, and the seal is made to avoid the ink of the handheld inkjet printer from drying up and forming a tube. The road is not clear.

Finally, the summer storage of hand-held inkjet printer supplies should pay more attention. Consumables should not be stored too much, to avoid the formation of expired due to untimely use, consumables will be wasted. The fire prevention devices are mainly used around the storage of consumables so that they can be extinguished in time when there is an unexpected accident. In the storage place of consumables and the use of hand-held inkjet printers, we must pay attention to the prohibition of open flames.

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Consumables commonly used in handheld inkjet printers and usage notes:

For handheld inkjet printers, correct use requires daily and careful maintenance and also needs to be operated in accordance with the relevant use regulations. In the use of handheld inkjet printers, which consumables do we usually need to use?

The first is the ink of a handheld inkjet printer. The ink of a hand-held inkjet printer is just like the blood of a hand-held inkjet printer. Without ink, a beautiful logo cannot be produced. Hand-held inkjet printer ink requirements are not high, they only need to use the type specified by the hand-held inkjet printer provider. However, do not use alternative inks on the market, so as not to damage the internal parts of the handheld inkjet printer.

Solvents, ie diluents, are essential. For high-density inks, the thinner plays a very good effect in adjusting the density. It can effectively reduce the internal condensation of ink in the handheld inkjet printer or the clogging caused by the small nozzle diameter. It is an essential consumable for the smooth use of the handheld inkjet printer.

The cleaning agent is needed when the cheap handheld printer is turned off. It has a good dissolving effect on ink, and can easily remove traces when the ink is dry or agglomerated. It is one of the important auxiliary consumables to remove ink residues when running a handheld inkjet printer and ensure the quality of inkjet printing. The measurement of the cleaning agent needs to be used in accordance with the relevant use standards.