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Operation Experience Of Handheld Printer

Feb. 17, 2020

Our common printers are generally clumsy in the corners of the office and cannot be carried around at all. The small portable printers provided by our company have solved this problem well and can print anytime, anywhere.

Canon printer chip manufacturer can share with you that our handheld printer is very portable. Unlike ordinary printers, handheld printers can print text or patterns directly on the required surface. The handheld printer has a roller mode and a slider mode. The former can not only print text, but also print QR codes and barcodes. The latter is mainly used for image printing.

Just enter the data to be printed from the mobile phone or PC application via Bluetooth or USB connection, and then press the button on the printer while sliding horizontally, the inkjet head can present the content on the paper. This makes handheld printers widely used in manufacturing, retail, logistics and other industries.

Handheld Printer

Handheld Printer

Users just need to swipe the paper with the printer in hand to print what they want.

The prototype of the handheld printer with APP was first unveiled at the 20th China International High-tech Achievements Fair at the end of 2018. From the official demonstration video, it can be seen that in addition to printing on normal paper, it can also be printed on postcards, envelopes, and packaging boxes. It is not limited to two-dimensional paper, and it can also be printed on the shoe upper.

It is worth noting that the effect of sliding on the surface of the object during the printing process of the handheld printer is reminiscent of the superpower of a student during the lecture of Professor X in the first "X-Men"-empty notes.

Although it just looks super capable, the handheld printer r does have some technological breakthroughs. In the past, portable printers were often unable to achieve the size of a handheld, and have limited printing scenarios. Our handheld printers are not only small in size, but also allow users to open their minds to printing scenarios.

Although it has a bright operating experience, the handheld printer is essentially a monochrome inkjet printer. Although it can print pictures, barcodes, and QR codes in addition to text, in most cases, its printing scene is relatively subdivided, which is only suitable for phrases with less content or labels that need to be printed repeatedly.

In addition, it needs to be connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth or a data cable connected to a PC application (does not support iOS and MacOS) to input data. During operation, it needs to slide horizontally on the surface of the object at a uniform speed. If the speed is too fast or the route is not straight, the printing effect cannot be guaranteed.