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Industry Analysis Of Portable Handheld Printers

Dec. 11, 2019

Portable handheld printer manufacturers share market demand for portable handheld printers. As time goes on, people's demand for printing products is constantly improving. In the original stage, people's demand for printers is to print faster and better. However, technological progress and practical demand have made the above requirements less intense. The printing quality of the current printers is already very good, the space for development is not too much, and the printing speed has also made a big leap, so people start to think about other needs, such as portable printing. Portable printing has two main requirements for printers, one is mobility, the other is compact size, in the final analysis, is the need for "small" printers, get rid of bulky shape to the portable movement. Today, with the development of mobile office, various kinds of office printing devices on the market with the function is more humanized and comprehensive, "short" products applied to the field more widely, for those who go out to work all the year round is not exceptional also, so the portable handheld printer by more and more attention from the industry. The main characteristics of portable handheld printer: the handheld printer is generally used for portable use, with small size, lightweight, available battery drive, easy to carry and other characteristics.

Handheld Inkjet Printer

Handheld Inkjet Printer

At present, one of our ultra-lightweight printers is the T1000 handheld inkjet printer, which is only 110mm * 90mm * 230mm in size. The lightweight size is the prerequisite for portability. Besides being light and light, it is very resistant to falling!

Development prospect of portable printer: the portable handheld printer is in the development stage as an emerging product, and many technologies and functions are in the exploration stage. Moreover, this development stage will last for a long time. The current market situation is far from reaching the maturity stage of the market. The main performance in the following aspects: the movement of the portable printer is the printout core device, is the highest cost, technical content is relatively high, manufacturing and processing technology requirements are very complex key components.

Movement procurement cost is the key factor that affects its product cost. Whether there is a critical cost control capability, whether there is a portable printer movement production capacity, Will control the development of portable printers, which is a key competitive factor in the portable printer industry. But the potential market for handheld printers is truly limitless.