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Portable printer selection and performance characteristics

Oct. 18, 2019

The emergence of portable printers in the market, because of the small size, easy to carry printers, has been welcomed by many consumers, then everyone knows how to buy portable printers? What are the advantages? Let's take a look at it with portable handheld printer manufacturer. The following is an introduction to "Selection methods and performance characteristics of portable printers".

  • How to buy a portable printer?

Such small portable inkjet printers are a type of product that only considers a portable feature, so in general, the general printing speed is not fast and the capacity of the ink cartridge consumables is small, and the printing life depends on the battery. These three products are basically in the middle of each other, if you have demand, you can buy your favorite brand.

Portable handheld printer which good: anytime and anywhere to print photos

Family and friends get together, if you just take a photo, instead of distributing a group photo, it is often stranded because of post-printing problems. How good is it to print photos on site? In fact, the previous Polaroid and Fuji have such "Polaroid" products. But now that mobile phones are popular, people don't need such a large imaging camera anymore, as long as there is a simple small machine.

Portable printer selection and performance characteristics

T1000 Handheld Printer

Are these two a bit like?

This kind of portable photo printer has different types of technology, let's talk about it first. Zink technology used by both Hewlett-Packard and LG, this is an ink-free technology, in which the color material is actually in the paper, and after receiving the image signal, the color of CMY is colored by heating. The feature of this technology is that the product is surprisingly small. Of course, the printed photos are small and can be easily placed in the girl's handbag. The cost of a single photo is about two yuan.

The big inside of the portable printer, to tell the truth is not to add batteries, I am afraid that if the girl bag is very pocket-sized, can not fit. But since we can buy a battery separately for mobile printing, we also count it as a portable printer. Canon's CP series has always used sublimation technology. When buying consumables, it is a roll of sublimation ribbons, one to one, generally 36 pieces. The CP1200 can only print 6-inch format photos, and print quality in portable photo printing products, but it is not portable. So you have to measure the pros and cons yourself, and the battery has to be bought separately.

The question of which portable printer is good is actually quite difficult to answer. For example, the three commercial products are good, they can be printed in the briefcase anytime, anywhere, so the purchase channel and warranty may be more important. For mobile photo printers, I suggest leaving the option to the real users. Their target customers are most likely your lover. Women choose products that don't usually look at the parameters, but they are sensible to see which value is high. More portable.

  • Advantages of Portable Printers

We live in the mobile era, not only have to travel around, but also use mobile terminal equipment to deal with problems anytime and anywhere. When mobile office becomes fashionable and becomes a kind of life, portable equipment is indispensable in development. A notebook is enough to handle all the information, but printing has always been a big problem. Sometimes it is inevitable that there will be data to print when you go out. It is too much trouble to go out and print. Save it back to the company and worry about confusion, so printing becomes a little trouble.

But now you don't have to worry anymore, because with a mini printer, you can print anywhere, anytime.

The above introduction to "How to buy a portable printer?" and "the advantages of a portable printer" is expected to help you understand the "purchase options and performance characteristics of portable printers". Our company provides one-time printer chip and a variety of handheld printers. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.