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Printer Technology

Jun. 15, 2020

Printer Technology

Printer (Printer) is one of the output devices of the computer, used to print the computer processing results on the relevant media. There are three indicators to measure the quality of the printer: print resolution, print speed and noise.

There are many types of printers. According to whether the printing element hits the paper, there are two types: impact printers and non-impact printers. According to the printing character structure, it can be divided into full-shape character printer and dot matrix character printer.

According to the way a line of characters is formed on paper, it is divided into a string printer and a line printer. According to the technology used, it can be divided into cylindrical, spherical, inkjet, thermal, laser, electrostatic, magnetic, light-emitting diode and other printers.

1. Technology

The basic working principle of an inkjet printer is to generate small ink droplets first, and then use the inkjet head to guide the small ink droplets to the set position. The smaller the ink droplets, the clearer the printed picture. The basic principle seems simple, but it is not so simple to operate. Just as the principle of calculus is not complicated, it is the same as how to apply it.

Here are several historical breakthroughs in inkjet printers.

Time event summary

1976 The world's first inkjet printer is born.

1976 Piezoelectric ink dot control technology came out.

1979 Bubble Jet inkjet technology came out.

In August 1980, Canon applied its bubble jet technology to its inkjet printer Y-80 for the first time, and began the history of inkjet printers.

In 1991, the first color inkjet printer and large format printer appeared.

In 1994, micro piezoelectric printing technology came out.

By usage

Office and office printers

In this field of application, dot matrix printers have always occupied a dominant position. The dot matrix printer has the characteristics of medium resolution and printing speed, cheap consumables, and also has the characteristics of high-speed skipping, multiple copy printing, wide format printing, and easy maintenance. It is the best choice for printing reports and invoices in office and transaction processing Model.

Commercial printer

Commercial printers refer to printers used for commercial printing.

Home printer

Home printer

The quality is relatively high, and sometimes documents with pictures and texts are processed. Therefore, high-resolution laser printers are generally used.

Special printer

Special printers generally refer to printers for special systems such as various, passbook printers, flat push receipt printers, bar code printers, and thermal printers.

New printer

Bluetooth printer

The Bluetooth printer is a small printer. It can transmit data through Bluetooth. It can print various small tickets and barcodes anytime and anywhere. The difference from the conventional printer is that it can operate the proximity card, and can read the card number and the proximity card. The data of each sector can also be

Sector write data.

Home printer

Household printers refer to printers that go into the home with a home computer. According to the characteristics of home-use printers, low-end color inkjet printers have gradually become mainstream products.

Portable printer

Portable printers are generally used for matching with notebook computers, and have the characteristics of small size, light weight, battery-driven and easy to carry.

Network printer

Network printers are used in network systems to provide printing services for most people. Therefore, this printer is required to have the characteristics of fast printing speed, automatic switching of emulation mode and network protocol, and easy management by network administrators.

Printer error, driver problem

When you cannot print, there is a problem when installing the printer, you cannot connect to the network printer and related errors, it will be automatically diagnosed and repaired.

Problems fixed...

• Cannot install printer, cannot connect to printer or cannot print multiple jobs at once

• You receive an error indicating that the print spooler service encountered a problem

•You receive an error indicating that <printer name> is not the default printer

• The error you received indicates: <printer name> cannot connect over the network

• Determine if your printer is off

• Determine if your printer is low or empty, causing the print job to appear blurry, or not print at all

• Determine if your printer has too little or no paper

• Determine if you need to update the print driver

• You will receive an error stating that your Plug and Play printer <printer name> has encountered a driver problem.

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