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Seabird 4k Sports Camera Experience (Part 1)

Jun. 22, 2020

Speaking of sports cameras, friends who love sports and extreme sports will not be unfamiliar. It accompanies athletes to complete thrilling and exciting actions. In fact, the threshold for sports cameras was high a long time ago, and there are few manufacturers with manufacturing capabilities. Sports cameras can be said to be professional shooting equipment, and the price is quite expensive. With the advancement of technology, there are now more and more manufacturers that can produce such products, and the prices are becoming cheaper. Recently, the author started a sports camera with a display screen-Seabird 4k sports camera, it looks like it is mainly domestically complete and the price is cheaper. Of course, cheap does not mean low energy. Let us share today to see how the effect of this sports camera is!

In order to make better use of the ability of this seabird 4K sports camera, many accessories have been purchased, so here is a family portrait! Camera-specific selfie stick, battery holder, spare battery, underwater diving photo suit, special waterproof shell buoyancy bar, bracket for connecting outdoor helmet, sports camera strap, a photography device, etc.

Seabird 4k Sports Camera

Seabird 4k Sports Camera

One: camera packaging and details

In terms of packaging, the simple packaging style of solid color is adopted, and the real shot of the product is printed on the front.

Opening the package, we can see that the standard version of accessories includes a camera, a battery, a USB data cable, a certificate, and a manual.

As a sports camera, the volume must not be very large. The seabird 4K sports phase is designed to be very compact. The length, width, and height of the body are 59mm × 22mm × 41mm, and the body weighs 80g, so whether it is worn on the head Still hanging on your chest, you can hardly feel its existence. I have bought a sports camera before, but it is regrettable that there is nobody lens protection cover, and the Seabird 4K is good, the silicone protective shell is weak and does not hurt the lens.

The lens is often the core component of this type of product. This Seabird 4k sports camera is built with 7 high-definition optical glasses + blue glass filters, a 13-megapixel Sony sensor, combined with 145° wide-angle framing and F2.6. The aperture can be said to be very powerful in hardware. The imaging effect and color reproduction are extremely high. Of course, a wide-angle means a wider field of view.

There is a multi-function key on the bottom of the front of the fuselage. You can use it to switch on and off, in addition, short press to achieve photo and video mode switching and return functions.

The back of the Seabird 4k sports camera uses a 2.0-inch IPS high-definition touch screen, which supports touch operation, and the display effect is very delicate.

The top of the camera is designed with a shutter button. The usual operation is to take pictures and videos, just like the SLR or micro-single we often use. The protective cover on the side of the camera has a micro USB interface and a TF card slot. The camera supports up to 128G expansion cards, but usually, 64 cards are enough. For this, it is recommended to buy a high-speed card, because 4K writes are still Very impressive.

At the bottom of the camera is the camera's battery compartment. What surprises me is that this action camera actually uses a 1050mAh lithium battery, which can achieve 90 minutes of 4K/30 frame video recording. Life is great, of course, if you are a sportsman, then two batteries are necessary. In addition, the lower end is also equipped with a 1/4 screw port, which can be connected to the selfie stick and camera tripod. Usually, it is transferred to the hat or chest strap through this interface.

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