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Seabird 4k Sports Camera Experience (Part 2)

Jun. 29, 2020

Two: camera accessories at a glance

Selfie stick: As a sports camera, its accessories must be indispensable. For the convenience of use, I almost used the full income. The selfie stick is definitely the first choice. The matching selfie stick feels good, and the color is the same as our camera. There is no sense of collocation with it, and it supports 5 knots. The length is still very impressive. It is suitable for outdoor travel, but there is a little regret. If you design a Bluetooth controller on the selfie stick, it will be more convenient. Otherwise, you need to rely on the mobile phone APP to take pictures.

Waterproof shell: It is a very happy thing to take a sports camera to swim, so a dedicated waterproof shell is no less important. The waterproof shell adopts a transparent design style, with a sealing strip on the edge of the waterproof shell, and the buttons are also waterproof Handling, so it is very safe to place the Seabird 4k action camera on the inside. In addition, with the attached bracket, you can complete the connection with helmets and other components.

With the special waterproof shell buoyancy rod and waterproof shell together, we can achieve underwater operations by taking videos, pictures, and so on.

In addition, using the base and screws, we can connect helmets, chest straps, brackets, and other equipment. The helmet has a special, of course, the price is very expensive. In order to adapt to the mass consumers, Seabird provides 3M adhesive stickers, which can be attached to the hat through the base of the bar, so that it is very convenient to use. Of course, these extensions are for adaptation. Many outdoor use scenarios.

Three: battery expansion

In fact, I often play sports cameras, two batteries are the basic configuration, so this time in order to ensure the life of the Seabird 4K sports camera, I separately purchased a one-for-two charger set, the base can charge two batteries at the same time, You don't have to worry about running out of power when you go out to play. It can charge two batteries at the same time. It is more convenient to use.

Seabird 4k Sport Camera

Seabird 4k Sport Camera

Four: actual use

The Seabird 4k sport Camera uses a touch control mode combined with physical buttons, so it is very convenient to use. After all, we now like the touch operation mode. Because 4K video takes up more space, it is recommended to start with 64G. It is actually measured that when recording 4K/30 frames of video, the maximum battery life is 90 minutes, and the body is a bit hot. At 1080P resolution, the battery life exceeds 140 minutes, and the body heat is not obvious.

Through the APP, we can set a lot of functions, as for how to download and connect here, there is not much description, it is very simple. We can adjust the resolution of the captured pictures and videos in the APP, and we can see the memory card status, power, etc. of the Seabird 4k camera, and the playability is very high. In addition, we can also use the mobile phone APP to wirelessly transfer photos and videos to the mobile phone, so it is very convenient to share the circle of friends.

We can easily fix it on the hat through the sticker and the base. When we go out to play, we can easily record the wonderful moment.

Selfie is an indispensable part. Through the Selfie, we can show ourselves from multiple angles!

With the blessing of the waterproof shell, we can do whatever we want in the water, whoever I want!

The angle of view of the lens field of the Seabird Sports Camera can reach 145°, so it has a “fisheye” effect when shooting close-up shots, and has a strong visual impact. Shock. In terms of taking pictures, there are normal, continuous, timer, delay, HDR/night scene modes to choose from, the photo ratio is 16:9, the resolution is 4K 3840x2160, 1080P 1920x1080, 720P 1280x720 three options!

In fact, the main action camera is still shooting video, so we see that in terms of video support, the Seabird 4k action camera is sincere: support 4K/30fps, 2.7K/30fps, 1080P/60fps, 1080P/60fps, 720P/120fps, 720P/90fps, 720P/60fps, 720P/30fps, 480P/120fps, 480P/90fps, 480P/60fps, 480P/30fps, and other resolutions, and there are video slow-motion resolution of 720P120/fps, video encoding as H264, H265. The photography modes are normal, time-shift, time-lapse, loop, slow-motion, etc. It can be said that if you turn around with the configuration, you become a sportsman. In the actual shooting, electronic image stabilization played a large role and shaking the camera greatly did not feel particularly dazzling.

What does Seabird 4k bring me

Cheap sports camera manufacturer believes that this Seabird 4K sports camera has done a great job in terms of design and function. The picture effect also conforms to the public's use standard. In addition, the life of this sports camera is also one aspect I like. Especially with so many extension accessories, we can easily go to the world, haha! The compact size is easy to carry and hold, and the one-second snapshot with electronic image stabilization makes it easy to capture the picture even in motion. Supports 4K shooting. People who like sports can show themselves in all directions. Of course, no product is perfect. There is still a certain gap between this seabird 4k sports camera and the top sports camera. After all, where is the price? If you also like outdoor sports and like to share videos, then this seabird 4k sports camera is indeed a good choice.