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Seabird Label Printer Helps Organize Life (Part 1)

Apr. 01, 2020

In daily life, people will always encounter such problems: several remote controllers are placed on the table in the living room, you obviously want to get a channel changer, and you get another remote controller; the bottles on the dressing table are always Several are very similar, and you will always get it wrong if you don't look closely. There are many situations such as waiting, whether it is an adult or a child, when you are busy or for a long time, you will remember it wrong.

If you do the same, maybe you need a generalized assistant to help you reduce complexity and enjoy a structured life. This little assistant, I suggest you choose a seabird label printer.

Seabird sticker printer is a small label printer launched by Seabird Sticker Printer. The overall packaging is very simple and stylish. From the packaging style point of view, the color of the powder is soft and light. The rendering of the product is the center of the blue powder on the front of the box.

The back of the box is even simpler. A product parameter sheet is pasted on the plain white carton to check the relevant parameters and basic information of the product.

SHandheld Sticker Printer

Handheld Sticker Printer

Open the box and get all the accessories as follows: a label printer, a paper manual, a charging cable (in the small box), and 3 rolls of label paper (one of which is inside the body).

The size of the handheld sticker printeris 103 * 83 * 33mm, and the weight is about 230g, which is very suitable for portability. The whole body is white, and the surface of the shell is also matte, which makes it very comfortable to start with.

On the front of the fuselage, there is a hollowed-out process. From here, you can see the use and retention of the internal label paper, which is convenient for users to replace consumables in time. The bottom right is the basic information label of the product, from which you can view the model, specifications and other information. At the top, it is the cutting place of the label paper, the label printing comes out from here and finishes cutting. It should be noted that this action is manual, and the user needs to push the paper-knife pusher by himself.

At the bottom is the charging interface of the product. The more conscientious point is that the product uses the Type-C charging interface. The charging is fast. Up to 4 rolls of label, paper can be completed under full power, which shows the powerful endurance.

On the side of the fuselage, there are two important settings: the power switch and the tab of the paper compartment. Each use, long press can complete the power on and off; and the label paper compartment buckle is convenient to open and replace the label paper consumables. It is worth noting that the Haibiao label printer has the function of automatic shutdown, if the device is not operated for a long time, the device will automatically shut down. On the one hand, this can achieve longer battery life support, and at the same time, it is convenient for users. To be honest, with this feature, you do n’t have to worry about forgetting to shut down.