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Seabird Label Printer Helps Organize Life (Part 2)

Apr. 08, 2020

Press down in the direction of the buckle to open the label paper compartment. The installation of the label paper needs to be pointed out, but what the seabirds do is intimate is that the notices are posted on the plastic shell of the label paper.

The handheld printer with APP needs to be paired with Bluetooth to complete the binding before use. Download the seabird sticker printer APP and turn on the Bluetooth function. The entire binding process is very smooth. One point that needs a special explanation is that Bluetooth pairing only needs to open the connected device in the APP, but not in the system.

Compared with other products, the seabird label printer uses inkless thermal printing, the output resolution of 203dpi is also very clear, and it does not use carbon ink, so it is very convenient to use. The product not only provides colorful label printing function, but also supports video reproduction function; a lot of templates are built in the software side to support the input of text, expressions, stickers, fonts can be adjusted, and the length of printing can also be adjusted.

What is more intimate is that the input settings on the software side also support customization. When the built-in label template is not enough to meet the needs, you can set the icon and text through the custom function, so that the content of the icon and text remains consistent.

Seabird Sticker Printer

Seabird Sticker Printer

All input operations are completed on the APP side. After editing, click Print.

After the label is printed out, use a paper-knife to push and cut.

Overall, the seabird sticker printer pursues extreme simplicity in appearance design. The 230g lightweight gives great freedom of portability, whether it is a video or various labels that can be printed and pasted. Very good and very practical. In actual life, you can classify most things to help users choose quickly. After all, you will know that you will not be wrong when you are busy. The application of icons and personalized text also makes the output label very lively, and also has a great role in guiding children at home, which is very cost-effective.

Peel off the film behind the label paper and paste it into the corresponding position; you can get it in your eyes in the future, and you are no longer afraid to touch the wrong one.

This easy-to-use seabird label printer has a very high value, clean and simple, and a small size that is easy to carry. There are also many environments for use, and it is highly recommended for Wenqing girls to do hand account. It is also very practical for housewives. As a daily household item, the price/performance ratio is quite high.