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Seabird Tag Printers Make Your Life Easier

Apr. 15, 2020

The price performance of seabird sticker printer is very high, and the label maker is very small. It can use app to edit text through bluetooth. The best thing to use is that the label paper has a adhesive, which can be directly attached to the surface of items or cabinet drawers. An orderly, free and disciplined life is not a dream! (of course, the awareness and habit of returning to one's place are also important.) china portable sticker printer manufacturer introduces the effect of label Printer for you.

1. Unpacking Appearance

The packaging box is very small, after all, this label printer is originally very small, and it is no problem to put it in the pocket. Looked at the product parameters on the back, the resolution is 203DPI. For a long battery life, four rolls of paper can be printed continuously on a single charge. In addition to the manual, there is also a C port charging cable. Now the application of type c port is more and more extensive, both positive and negative insertion can be used, it is still very convenient to use.

Throughout the snow. Very simple and pure. The thickness of the label printer is about 1/3 thicker than a dollar coin. There is an oval registration window on the back. You can observe the remaining amount of label paper in real time. On the side is the switch button, and tab is the charging port. Scissors push the head. The label paper needs to be cut manually.

The label can be replaced by opening the back cover. The label machine comes with a roll of white label paper, which is brand new and unopened. In addition, I purchased two rolls of label paper, which are pure yellow and white-pink yellow grid. Compared with white label paper, I personally prefer color, which is more vivid and eye-catching.

Portable Sticker Printer

Portable Sticker Printer 

Second, use experience

Portable sticker printer must be connected to mobile phone app via Bluetooth. After downloading the seabird sticker printer app, the printer was quickly connected. The main page of the entire APP is relatively simple, including four modules, video online, label templates, printing history, and custom printing at the bottom. Print templates such as home office and garbage sorting are still very practical, but I still prefer custom printing, you can type directly, and the horizontal and vertical directions of the text can also be adjusted.

The first part is very interesting, you can form a QR code of the video or photo, print it on the label paper, and then scan it with WeChat, you can enjoy the video or photo directly on the mobile phone, for example, take your favorite photos Share with friends through small tags ~ The principle should be to upload videos or photos to the server, so it can be played in the cloud, without downloading to the local. I wonder how long multimedia resources can be kept? If you can set a time limit, it will be more perfect ~

There is a template for kids, it looks cute. If you have a baby at home, it will be very practical. After all, the things brought to school will often be confused or even lost. The label paper can at least serve as a reminder, such as on the stationery box, on the school bag, or even On toys.

The labeling machine prints extremely fast. When you click to print, the paper sticks out like a tongue. The printing paper needs to be clicked manually. Like the scissors, the label paper is cut off. There will be a black dotted line in the cut position, but it seems that the label paper in front of the text will always be left blank. Personally, I still need to optimize it.

Put various labels on objects that are often confused, including glass jars containing coarse grains and various drawers. The glass jar is okay, transparent, and you can still see what is inside. It is also good to attach a label. It can fix the role of this bottle, and it will be dedicated to the special bottle in the future. The drawer is often turned over and over because I can't see what is in it, so I often find what I want after a single operation. So the drawer is labelled, which is very efficient and practical. In other words, I still have so many storage boxes on the drawer without picking and labeling.

The label printer effectively solves a pain point that we often encounter in our lives: the chaotic placement of items. Unless you are extremely self-disciplined and at home, you can keep your house organized. So I think that the seabird label printer is very useful for improving the quality of life and efficiency of life, and it is very meaningful. After all, the mark makes our life more orderly.