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Analysis of Several Problems of Sudden Chip Count

Mar. 05, 2020

HP printer chip supplier will share with you the problem of sudden chip loss. 1. Whether the number of chips and the toner cartridge and toner, including the machine motherboard and chip serial number conflict, when the machine is installed There is a certain correlation between the states.For example, for a standard print of 2500 sheets to print a 5% test draft, printing one will display a print one. If printing a completely black test draft, printing one will The display prints 20 sheets, so the actual number of printed sheets is calculated based on the toner flow, not the number of sheets printed. To illustrate, a test shows that Toner Low appears when printing to dozens of sheets, and TonerCart appears when printing more than 100 sheets. Error, the printer stops printing, shuts down and restarts, and Install TonerCart appears.The printer cannot print. At this time, there are many toners left in the toner cartridge. This phenomenon is caused by the toner quality (particle thickness) is different from the original factory. It is too slow and the powder replenishment time is too long. On the other hand, if the toner particle flow is too fast, when the Toner Low has not appeared or the Toner Low has just appeared, the toner in the toner cartridge has been used up for a long time. Not a chip problem For toner, the toner cartridge will affect the flow rate, the toner quality formula will also affect the flow rate, and the chip determines the number of sheets based on the calculated flow rate. All three have an impact. If it is a factory test, it should be a single non-OEM environment Test, and then decide what should be resolved.

Kyocera Printer Chip

Kyocera Printer Chip

Another problem is that the information stored on the motherboard of the machine conflicts with the serial number of the chip, because the serial number of the compatible chip is limited to a few groups or dozens of groups, and it is repeated one by one. Stayed, when installing a new kyocera printer chip, although it is a new chip, when the machine and the new chip exchange information, it suddenly found that the chip serial number of the machine and the machine was used up The information stored in the master is the same, and the machine will mistakenly judge that the life of the chip is the old chip that was originally used up. Therefore, after printing a few sheets, the lack of powder will be reported automatically, in fact, the new chip has been burned out automatically. This is also the current real headache in the industry. The only way is to clear the old information of the master version of the machine and clear the original serial number information of the chip. One way is to prevent the machine from installing a toner cartridge. Turn on the power, let the machine idle, and then install the chip. However, sometimes this method is not ideal. Another method is: install the original machine with an original chip, let the machine print a few or a dozen, let the machine memorize the original chip information, and then install a compatible chip. This effect is more effective, but it is more troublesome for customers. Sometimes it takes a certain cost to find an original chip. Of course, you can also choose another compatible chip locally to clear the memory, as long as the two are compatible. The serial number is the same between the chip manufacturers, it is enough, and it can also achieve the effect of replacing the original chip.

The third method is that if a batch of chips occurs on the same machine of the same customer, it does not rule out whether there is a problem with the client machine. Therefore, it is recommended to use unused chips in this batch of chips to another customer. Test on another machine to see if the result is the same as the first customer. If not, it will prove that the chip will not be a problem in the entire batch, but a problem in another part of the machine. If it is still the same, it is possible If there is a problem with the entire batch of software or hardware of the chip, find the manufacturer to replace it in time.

If none of the above problems and methods can solve the problem, the customer must print a machine status industry, also called a test page, and a professional engineer analyzes whether there are other reasons for the machine.

It is worth noting that if the customer installs 3 chips in a row on the same machine, all of the same results will occur. Printing a few sheets will not work. You must stop and continue the installation, otherwise you will install a few hundred more chips. It may be the same, you need to find the cause first. Under normal circumstances, the current chip failure rate is not more than 10%. If you install 10 pieces, there are more than 5 pieces, which are very abnormal, and you need to tell professionals. , Use the exclusion method to analyze, do not continue the installation, otherwise, the originally installed chips will be burned.