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Some Analysis About the Chip's Sudden Drop or Increase

May. 23, 2020

The number of chips conflicts with the toner cartridge and toner, including the machine motherboard and chip serial number. The machine's running status during the printing process has a certain correlation. For example, if the standard printing is 2500 sheets, the 5% test draft is printed. In other words, printing one will display printing one, if printing a completely black test draft, printing one will display printing 20, so the actual number of printed sheets is calculated by the toner flow rate, not every printed sheet The number of sheets of paper is explained by a test. Toner Low appears when printing to dozens of sheets, and TonerCart Error appears when more than one hundred sheets are printed. The printer stops printing, and the Install TonerCart appears when the printer is turned off and on again. There are many toners left in the toner cartridge. This phenomenon is caused by the difference in toner quality (thickness of the particles) from the original factory. The coarse flow rate of the toner particles is too slow and the replenishment time is too long. Otherwise, if the toner particles are fine The flow rate is too fast. When Toner Low has not appeared or Toner Low has just appeared, the toner in the toner cartridge has been used up long ago. This is not a chip problem but a problem of toner. The overall combination of toner cartridges will affect the flow rate. The toner quality formula will also affect the flow rate, and the working state of the machine at the time will also affect the implementation of the toner flow rate! And the chip determines the number of sheets by calculating the flow rate, all three have an effect. If it is a factory test, it should be A single non-OEM environment to test to determine whether the combination of toner cartridges does not match, which affects the flow of counting? Or is it really a problem with the chip itself. Does it affect the flow of counting? Or is the compatibility of toner poor, affecting The counted traffic? Use the elimination method to test which is wrong, and then decide which aspect should be solved! Printer Chip supplier introduces to you:

If you use a printer chip, although it is a different customer group, if the toner cartridges produced by different customer groups use the same toner, including the parts and accessories are basically the same, in this case, we It can be concluded that this problem must be due to a problem with the overall formula of the batch of toner cartridges, resulting in chip count! Generally, the toner in the toner cartridge and the parts of the toner cartridge, including the production process, are compatible!

The quality of the toner itself is not directly related to the effect of the chip! That is to say, the toner is the best in the industry, it does not mean that the use of the chip is no problem, because this is the toner installed in the toner cartridge, powder, and drum The middle parts have a matching relationship, for example, the powder feeding stick, the lower powder stick, and the scraper are elastic! The powder stirring rod in the powder bin, especially the lower powder port, is particularly easy to cause toner clogging, too slow flow, or not to powder The sensor window of the powder warehouse mistakenly believes that there is no powder, so directly report the lack of powder, or burn the chip directly!

Printer Chip

Printer Chip

There are several methods to directly verify and exclude whether it is a chip:

First: buy a brand new original OEM toner cartridge, and then take down the original chip, Replacement printer chip, test to see if the same situation will suddenly occur when printing without many sheets! Yes, there is a certain problem with the chip. If not, it is the above analysis. The production of the toner cartridge has a gap with the OEM or the toner is a problem!

Second: I still use the toner cartridge that has been dropped, but the sensor window on the toner cartridge is covered with black tape. If it does not count down again, it proves that the chip is okay, or the formula of the toner cartridge produced is different from the OEM. There is a problem with toner!

Third: Provide our chips to other new customers who have not cooperated with you before and used all of your products to see if the same problem will occur! Be careful not to provide to your old customer groups who have already cooperated! Because The original is the same, we can't find the reason accurately! We have done statistics, the same model, a group of customers who have been problem-free has always had no problems, customers who have been showing problems, and there have been problems with screening, this problem is here Approve the raw materials of problem customers!

In fact, everyone needs to know more about the chip. The chip itself is only a small process of checking the chip installed in the drum and the main version of the machine every time the machine is started, and deciphering the machine password, as long as you install it for the first time. , There will be no consumable errors, there will be: This kind of error prompts, basically there is not much problem! He has completed his due mission! As long as he can print about 10 sheets, It can basically be judged that the software program of the chip is no problem, and the hardware is no problem! The number of printed sheets designed by the chip is a very mechanical way. To ensure the normal number of printed sheets designed by the chip, one depends on your first time. Whether the amount of powder installed on the chip is full, the second is to look at the coverage of the printed document. The third is the status of the printer's machine operation process, and the fourth is the overall formula of the toner cartridge, especially the flow of toner in the toner cartridge It is not that there will be powder blocking, the powder will not go down, or the powder is too fast, which is the most direct cause of the count.