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The Printer Chip Industry Has a Promising Future

Dec. 17, 2019

Printer chip supplier introduces the development status of printers. In 2019, 110 million printing devices were exported globally. Printer life is a little longer than the mobile phone, the mobile phone may be used for two years to change, the printer is generally about 4.5 years. At present, there are nearly 500 million printers in the world, 1.9 billion printing consumables are exported every year, and the total revenue of the global printing market is $130 billion. Of course, this figure also includes the income of printers and consumables, not just printers. The printer industry mainly relies on consumables for profits, so about half of the $130 billion comes from printers and half from consumables. Judging from the figures, the whole industry is in a relatively stable period, with the figures for 2018 and 2019 basically flat. handheld inkjet printer ownership significantly higher than that of the laser printer, but in the fall, the laser printer instead of growth momentum is very fierce.In 2018, China exported more than 14 million printers and shipped more than 60 million consumables.In terms of the holding amount, it can be seen that there is a slight difference between the Chinese market and the global market. On the contrary, the holding amount of laser printers is larger than that of inkjet printers, mainly because of the rapid development of laser printers in China in recent years.

Printer chips

Printer chips

Printer chips have a lot of room for development:

Printers in the world is currently mainly controlled in the United States, Japan, South Korea, the three big countries, brands such as HP, Canon, samsung, Hitachi and other international brands.Why do printers have a monopoly in all three countries? One, because it's a high-risk, high-investment business; Secondly, the patent barrier of this industry is relatively high and the technical difficulty is also very high. The third characteristic of the printer is the hidden trouble of information security.According to the investigation of foreign authorities, there are three ways to leak information security at present, one is E-mail leak, one is mobile storage leak, and one is print leak. On the issue of the printer leaks, there are three typical cases, one is the case of Israel, the second is the American Colombia university's case, another case is from the us computer emergency response team, because of some brand laser printer also store a backdoor printer information security problems caused by account.More than 10 million printers a year, which means every printer needs one of these chips. So many printers need so many chips, as well as memory and some drivers, so overall, the demand for chips is relatively large.Printer chip also showed a more obvious trend of development. Firstly, multi-core or multi-processor is needed to deal with more complex functions. Secondly, more attention will be paid to information security. Thirdly, more professional image algorithms will be adopted. Energy consumption treatment is more from the external mechanical and chemical engineering, but also a systematic engineering. In addition, GPU support can further improve the user experience.At present, it is available on very high-end printers, but this is not necessary. Mid-end and low-end printer gpus are not required at present.In addition, WIFI, NFC, mobile printing and other aspects of support, which are the current SOC applications and future development trends, here, there are unlimited opportunities and challenges.