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Seabird Camera

SEABIRD sports cameras are designed in accordance with the development trend of market demand, with functions like timed photographing, continuous photographing, time-lapse photographing, time-lapse filming, loop filming, and slow-motion filming, long exposure, six-axis gyroscope anti-shake, and custom LOGO. SEABIRD sports cameras can be used anywhere and anytime for outdoor sports and travel to meet your shooting needs.


Basic parameters of SEABIRD sports cameras

Product Introduction
Category4k 30 frames sports camera
Pixel12 million
Video Resolution4k/30fps, 2.7k/30fps,
1080p/60fps, 1080p/30fps,
720p/120fps, 720p/90fps,
720p/60fps, 720/30fps,
480p/120fps, 480p/90fps,
480p/60fps, 480p/30fps
Video Slow Motion Resolution720p/120fps
Power Consumption2.3W
Video CodingH264, H265
LensF2.6 Aperture/7G
/diameter 17.4mm
Field of ViewMAX1450
Electronic anti-shakeSupporting 6-axis gyroscope anti-shake
Function Parameters
Wireless capabilityWiFi / Blue tooth
Storage Parameters
Memory card typeMicro SD card
Maximum support capacity128GB
Battery Performance
Battery typeLithium battery (1050mAh)
Battery life90 minutes for4K/30 frames video recording
Body ColorBlue, orange, green
Size60.5 X 42.2X 29.7 mm

Safety Guide

1. This product is highly precise and thus should not be dropped or bumped.

2. Please do not place this product near objects with high magnetic fields including magnetic fields or electromechanical devices. And do avoid placing this product close to objects that emit strong radio waves. These are aimed to avoid product failures or images/audio damages that may be caused by magnetic fields and radio waves.

3. Please do not expose this product to high temperatures or direct sunlight.

4. Please select a micro SD card of a formal brand U3 specification or above. A card of an informal brand is not guaranteed to work properly.

5. Please do not place the micro SD card near objects with magnetic fields in order to avoid loss of the data stored in the card.

6. If the product is overheated, smoked or smells during charging, please immediately pull out the charging device and stop charging to avoid a fire.

7. When charging, please keep this product out of the reach of children to avoid accidental suffocation or electric shock caused by the power cord.

8. Please put the product in a cool, dry and dust-proof place.

Product Diagram

Seabird Camera

Packing List

Seabird Camera

Basic Instructions

1.The camera on/off

Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn it on/off.

2.lnsert micro SD card

The maximum support space of SEABIRD sports cameras external storage(Micro SD card) is 128G. SEABIRD sports cameras have requirements on the writing speed of the memory card used for shooting 4K image quality, only supporting the TF card U3 memory card, in order to ensure that you can shoot quality 4K video, please use the SD card recommended below.

Seabird Camera

3. Three ways to access video and image files in SD card

(1) Access the SD card on the PC side via a card reader.

(2) Directly access the SD card in the camera on the PC side by means of USB cable connection.

(3) Download the multimedia files in the SD card inside the camera from the APP "SEABIRD" on the mobile phone or play them online through WiFi.

4. Camera battery charging precautions

(1) If the user directly connects to the camera via the USB cable for charging, the charging process will be faster. A green light indicates that the charging is finished and please unplug the USB cable in time.

(2) It is recommended to turn off the camera when charging.

(3) If the user chaises the battery through the seabird special charger, the battery will be more full and can be used for a long time although the charging takes a long time. A green light indicates that the battery is fully charged and please unplug the USB cable in time.

(4) Due to battery variability, the battery may show that it does not reach the amount of 100% after the charging is finished. This is a normal phenomenon.

Seabird Camera

5. Ambient temperature* s influence on the battery

Due to the characteristics of the lithium battery, it consumes more power and its charging and discharging capacity decreases when used in the ambient temperature of above 40 degrees and below 0 degrees.

Seabird Camera

6. Descriptions about video stuck and frame loss

(1) If the user finds that it sticks while the video is being played, please first exclude problems concerning the computer performance and the player.

(2) Please, ensure that the SD card used is a micro SD card of a formal brand U3 specification or above. Avoid using cards under U3 specification and fake ones.

(3) If you shoot in a high-temperature environment of 35 degrees or more for a long time, the reading and writing performance of the SD card will enormously declined, causing problems such as frame loss.

Please avoid prolonged use in high-temperature environments.

7.lnstall and remove the battery

Seabird Camera

(1) move the battery cover to the right side and open it up.

(2) Install the battery into the camera in accordance with the positive and negative signs and the directions of the arrows on the battery until it is in place.

(3) Battery chaining indicator: Please refer to the product diagram.

(4) Remove the battery: open the battery cover to remove the battery.

8. Turn on/off WiFi wnm

(1) Turn on the camera and click on the "Setting" icon at the

lower-left corner of the camera screen. Then click on WiFi and choose to turn WiFi on or off.

(2) WiFi consumes a lot of power, so please turn it off when not in use.

9.lnstallAPP Android phone users

can search for the app "SEABIRD" in major Android application markets (Huawei Application Market, OPPO Application Market, 360 Assistant, Google Play, Xiao mi App Store, etc.) and then download and install it;

iPhone users

can search for the app "SEABIRD" fn the APP store and then download and install it; If you search for down loads on the IPAD, you need to select the choice of "iPhone only".

Software download QR code:

Seabird Camera

10.SEABIRD camera connected toAPP

First open the SEADIRD sports camera, click on the icon and turn on WIFI. Then open the app, click on the symbolofWiFiat the upper left corner of the APP interface to find the WiFi device with the format of'SEABIRD-XXXXXX". Enter the initial password 12345678 and you can connect to the device.

11. Filming mode

Open the camera Ul menu bar and the icon appears at the

upper right corner of the screen. Click on the icon to enter the filming mode.

12. Photographing mode

Open the camera Ul menu bar and the icon appears at the

upper left corner of the screen. Click on the icon to enter the photographing mode.

13. Reset

Open the camera Ul menu bar and click on the icon at the lower-left corner of the screen. And select "Reset" and confirm it, then you can restore the fectory settings and reset the camera.

14.Software upgrading

In the settings menu of the mobile app, select "Firmware Upgrade" and follow the prompts to operate.